National Anti-Frizz Month

National Anti-Frizz Month

Frizz occurs when humidity gets in your cuticles, causing them to spin out of control. This is especially common for people with curly hair. There are ways to stop frizz and make even the most humid days a great day for hair! Alberto VO5 established National Anti-Frizz Month to help people around the globe combat frizz and enjoy great hair for a lifetime!

Frizz has been around as long as hair, which is almost always. Alberto VO5 is one company that has developed a wide range of products to combat frizz. The declaration of National Anti-Frizz Month was made after a survey to find out how people deal with bad hair days. Alberto VO5 wanted to find a better solution and created the holiday to educate and spread knowledge about how to manage frizzy hair.

Alberto-Culver is an international company that focuses on beauty products and has created the brand Alberto VO5. Alberto-Culver began as a beauty supply company in Los Angeles under Blaine Culver. Alberto VO5 was a leading product and it became the number one in its category in 1958. It has not been beaten from this position. As the company acquired big brands like Noxzema and Procter & Gamble, its reputation and holdings have only increased. In the end, it merged with Unilever for a staggering $3.7 billion. Unilever was so impressed by the merger, it sold certain hair brands as well as its entire food holdings to make way for it.

Fighting frizzy hair is the best way to celebrate National Anti-Frizz Month! Alberto VO5 recommends a combination of products to combat frizzy hair. This is a great way to achieve stunning hair!


Aug 01 - 31 2024


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