National Apricot Day

National Apricot Day

Apricots are best enjoyed year round. Latin’s word for “apricot” is supposed to mean “precious”, but further research revealed that this moniker actually originates from Arabic al barquq (“early ripe”) via French.

Apricots are more ripe than other summer fruits, so it is best to be “early ripe”. For centuries, apricots have been dried. Store-bought Apricots still retain their bright orange color when they are ripe. Organic dried apricots will be darker in color, and the bright orange indicates that they have been treated with sulfur compounds.

Many people agree that apricots have been underrated. Apricots don’t get as much attention as oranges, melons, or apples. Apricots can elevate a basic dish to Michelin Star status if used well. Apricots also have many health benefits. You are encouraged to add the Apricot to your diet on National Apricot Day and to discover all that this fruit has!

Let’s get the facts about the apricot. The apricot tree is actually small, and can grow to between 8-12 m high. You can find Apricots all over the globe. They are found in the North East of China, near the Russian border. This tree produces drupes, which are very similar to peaches. The kernel, or hard, stony shell that covers the apricot’s seeds, is the only one. Although the flesh is quite tasty, it’s not very juicy.

Apricots have many health benefits. This fruit is a great source of Vitamin A as well as Vitamin B. This fruit is a great way to add water to your diet. It is water that makes up around 86 percent of an Apricot. The remainder of the fruit is made up of fat, protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients.

According to all information available, the apricot tree originated in China around 4,000 years ago. Apricots were then introduced to Asia and the Mediterranean. In 16 century, the Spanish Conquistadores brought apricots to Americas and planted the trees along the coast of what is now the United States.

While the US isn’t the world’s top producer of apricots, 95% are grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Apricots can be delicious and healthy and should be enjoyed whenever possible. Apricots are a wonderful way to celebrate these golden fruits.

We don’t think it would be appropriate to tell you to buy dried apricots, then go home and enjoy them. Instead, we suggest an apricot-themed event where you can incorporate apricots in various foods and celebrate with some Barack (not Obama). . . If you are in touch with him, why don’t you invite him to an apricot party? Apricots have a lot of nutrients so don’t go crazy. You can use them in many different ways, so get creative.

We don’t know if there is a National Apricot Day, but we can say that the apricot has a strong association with medicine and education in China. The term Xing Tan, which literally means “apricot altar”, is still used to describe an educational circle in written language.

Confucius taught his students in a garden surrounded by apricot trees. We can imagine that the strong, lasting imagery of a philosopher teaching students would have a popular meaning for education in Chinese society centuries later.

We all know that apricots can be good for you. Traditional Chinese medicine, however, uses apricot kernels freely. It’s fitting that the apricot tree is also significant to China, since it was domesticated by the Chinese.

Apricots are delicious and refreshing and should be enjoyed whenever possible. Dry apricots can also be enjoyed throughout the year. Although National Apricot Day doesn’t seem to be in apricot-season, we recommend that you still indulge in some apricots for the occasion.

National Apricot Day can be celebrated in many other ways. Why not start your own apricot tree? It’s a great way to make your own apricots instead of buying them at the grocery store. This isn’t possible if you live alone. So why not support local growers in your area rather than buying from the big supermarkets?

You can also make a variety of amazing apricot dishes on this day. You can make delicious desserts like white chocolate and apricot cheescake, apricot shortbread and apricot and cinnamon cake. It is used in desserts as well as main and starter courses. It is great with goat cheese. It is also a common ingredient in Moroccan cuisine. You will find many exciting apricot recipes online, we are certain!

An Apricot cocktail is a great way to celebrate the end of the day. There are many great cocktail recipes that use apricot syrup or apricots online. An Apricot and Honey Bourbon Sour cocktail is one of our favorite. It is made with apricot syrup and bourbon. Lemon juice and mint are also included. It’s delicious!


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