National Argyle Day

National Argyle Day

Argyle is a name that you may associate with argyle sweaters and socks. However, there are many other argyle styles available. An argyle design is composed of diamonds and lozenges. It often has overlapping motifs that contain intercrossing diagonal lines.

It’s been seen on the tartan hose worn by Scotsmen with kilts, in old golf costumes and many pairs of socks. The pattern is now available in a wide range of applications, including leggings and kinesiology tape.

The tartan of Clan Campbell is the source of the argyle design. It originated in Argyll, western Scotland. This pattern was originally used by Clan Campbell members for plaids and kilts. However, various clans throughout Scotland have been using the argyle pattern to make patterned socks since the 17th century.

The Duke of Windsor’s association with the pattern made it popular in Britain after WWI. The Duke of Edinburgh used the argyle design for his golf clothes, including his jerseys and long socks. Other golfers have adopted argyle since then. It’s now considered “preppy”.

Richard Fletcher seems to have created one National Argyle Day celebration, but it does not coincide with the date the holiday is celebrated elsewhere. In other words, there are some who think argyle’s awesome (which we don’t dispute), and so we have National Argyle Day.

But, since there is no date for every holiday, this one remains mysterious. It’s difficult to determine if National Argyle Day is the same holiday as National Argyle Day. We’re going to tell everyone that argyle is appropriate for celebrations, but not force you to wear it on a specific day of the year. You could even observe every National Argyle Day you find.

We would recommend that you wear argyle-patterned clothing to celebrate Argyle Day. While you could choose a traditional argyle sweater, or argyle socks for your outfit, there is no reason to be less creative. You can host an argyle-knitting event where you invite all your friends to knit and crochet argyle patterns.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to decorate a cake with an arkyle pattern, we recommend it. You can make argyle cookies or argyle cheesecakes. The point is that argyle can be used anywhere you want.


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