National ASL Day

There are many methods of communicating and thousands upon thousands of languages with their own dialects. Many people overlook those who don’t speak the language. There are many people around the globe who were not born with the ability to speak and must find other ways to communicate. Although the written word is one method of communication, it can be difficult to use away from a computer. Thus, languages were created that use hand signs to communicate meaning and share ideas. They are known as Sign Languages and American Sign Language (ASL), is one of the most well-known forms.

ASL’s history is remarkable considering the age of its birth country. A school for the deaf was founded in 1815 with the intention of creating a coherent language for people who couldn’t use verbal speech. This was a significant leap forward in the history of sign language. It was composed of many extant sign languages, Native American signs, French Sign Language and one that was created specifically for Martha’s Vineyard.

ASL’s popularity has increased worldwide since its creation. It is now used in most of Canada and all across America. ASL even has expanded to other areas such as Central Africa, West Africa and Southeast Asia. It shares many similarities with French Sign Language due to its origin. ASL has been even considered a creole.

Are you unsure what a creole means? We weren’t either! It is essentially a language that has been formed from two languages and then passed on to another generation. ASL, whatever its technical name, has opened up communication opportunities for many people who have speech impairments. ASL is being used as a second language in many parts of the world. This means that even though they may not speak the same language, the sign language can be used to communicate. This is amazing!

Many people know someone who is unable to hear or use the spoken word. Isn’t it time you learned ASL and opened up new horizons for your family and friends? You can also open up new opportunities for employment and help your community. National ASL Day offers you the chance to learn a new language that you might not have thought of!


Apr 15 2025


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