National Authors’ Day

National Authors’ Day

You’ve probably experienced the hardships of raising “Little Women” or ridden on a boat with Huck Finn. If you’ve ever read the horrors of Stephen King, and fallen in love with Lovecraft’s ‘things too terrible to describe’, then you’ve been exposed to the classics that American Authors can create. Authors’ Day celebrates all the wonderful things that have been created by these creative minds, but particularly those of the American Author. It was 1928 and the Illinois Women’s Club was reuniting to discuss the works of some of their favorite authors. Nellie Verne Burt McPherson brought up the idea to have a day dedicated American Authors. Nellie was a teacher by profession and a passionate reader of literature. She had once written a letter to Irving while she was in hospital during WWI. Nellie had enjoyed Irving’s “Eben Helden’s Last Days A’ Fishin” and was thrilled to be given a signed copy. She decided that it was the best way to show her appreciation. To do this, she suggested that the General Federation of Women’s Club create a day to honor American Authors. It was not an idea that went unnoticed. In 1949, the United States Department of Commerce declared Authors Day a holiday. Talk to your local librarian about the possibilities. No one is more familiar with American Authors than your local librarian. There are many titles to choose from such as “The Scarlet Letter”, the Grapes of Wrath, and “The Great Gatsby”. Are you short on time? American literature has been so influential that many have been made into movies, including “Gone With The Wind”. Authors’ Day is your chance to read another great book.


Jan 11 2025


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