National Bad Poetry Day

National Bad Poetry Day

Let’s face facts, not everyone can be a great writer, lyricist, or poet. Don’t let this stop you from doing what you love! National Bad Poetry Day offers the perfect opportunity for anyone to read, write, and create any kind of poetry, even bad.

Poetry can be written in sonnets, limericks or free verse, but it can also be extremely, very ugly.

It is true that beauty is subjective. This means that opinions about what poetry is good or bad are based on individual preference. Sometimes poetry can be so awful that it is impossible to find any good in it.

National Bad Poetry Day was established to highlight poetry that is so bad it needs to be noticed. Many people use Twitter to share their terrible poetry so everyone can hate it.

National Bad Poetry Day is here!

Celebrate this strange day with some poetry honoring and celebration. These are some ideas to celebrate this day:

National Bad Poetry Day invites anyone to try it by writing bad poetry on paper. It may not be from a professional poet or talented poet but it doesn’t matter. National Bad Poetry Day is about sharing a few words with the world, rhyming and not, that fall under the umbrella of Bad Poetry.

You might be surprised at how difficult it can be to create bad poetry. But today is the day!

Haiku is a lovely structure that can be used to create beautiful little poems, but it can also allow you to write terrible lines. Haiku allows you to create very bizarre verses by using three lines with five, seven, and then five more syllables. This example, by John (a simple man) called A Piratical Poetry is a good source of inspiration.

The local library is the best place to find poetry. You can find bad poetry online, but what’s the fun? It’s hard to find a better way than holding a printed copy of bad poetry in your hand, and then reading it out loud in a room that’s not so sexist!

This is the best day ever to make family and friends groan with bad poetry jokes. These poetry jokes are hilarious, but you can also come up with other creative ones.

Poetry Open Mic nights are held in many communities. This allows local poets to take to the stage and try their best. Although these may not be full of bad poetry, it is a great way to get access to some of the most talented bad poets.

For a list of various poetry related events happening around the US, try the Academy of American Poets website:

If you feel particularly cruel, it might be a good idea to read some bad poetry to your friends, family, and colleagues. Hopefully, they will enjoy better poetry in the future.

These tongue-in-cheek books were created to help you appreciate bad poetry. These books can be purchased for personal use, but they also make great gifts for friends who love bad poetry.

Writing bad poetry, regardless of whether you are rhyming, using haiku, or creating with the standard ten Syllables of Iambic Pentameter, can be a fun theme for a really stupid party!


Aug 18 2024


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