National Badger Day

Depending on your personal preferences, Badgers can have a fascinating reputation. They are often seen as docile little creatures with a tendency to be territorial. National Badger Day aims to change this perception and dispel some myths about these animals and their interactions with humans.

Badgers are a well-known species with a long history among humans. Very few people have ever seen one in person. National Badger Day is a day to raise awareness about the importance of protecting badgers from human predation. It also brings up issues related to habitat and health to the general public. Badger is a French word that means “Bucher” which comes from their ability to dig underground, creating sets, where they raise their family and remain during the day. It turns out that Badgers are mostly nocturnal and therefore rarely seen by the general public.

These creatures are generally harmless and an integral part of the ecosystems they live in. However, humans have been able to perceive them as dangerous and forced large-scale culls and “badger disposal” attempts to eradicate them. This is due to ongoing debate over whether badgers are responsible in spreading tuberculosis. If left untreated, it can be fatal. Although the debate is still ongoing, the drive to eradicate badgers is underway. Only by raising awareness and hard work about these noble animals can we save them.

Find out where you can see badgers to celebrate National Badger Day. Although they are native to East Sussex, badgers can be found all around the globe and live in most of the northern climates. You can find out if they are available near you and make sure to raise awareness about them and the great work they do. You can also donate to organizations that help animals such as badgers from being killed by humans.


Jun 10 2024


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