National Bagel Day

National Bagel Day

Bagels – There’s something so satisfying about biting into a soft, chewy bagel or popping one in the toaster to enjoy a satisfying snack. We were not surprised to learn that bagels have a whole day dedicated entirely to them.

National Bagel Day is a celebration of this delicious bread. It celebrates the wide variety of bagels available today and the rich history of a bread that dates back to over 600 years. You can add salmon, cream cheese, peanut butter and banana to your bagel. But one thing remains constant: the bagel must remain round.

You can make a snack of a bagel if you have one in the fridge or cupboard.

Although it is not clear when National Bagel Day was established, most agree that it was celebrated sometime in the 2000s. Although National Bagel Day has only been around since 2000, bagels have been around for more than 600 years.

Bagels aren’t a new bread product. They’ve been around since 14 century.

Bagels were a staple bread in the Slavic diet from the 16th century. They eventually made it to Europe and the United States in 1903. Bagels were difficult to find in mainstream markets because they were hand-made in small batches, and could only be found in niche Jewish shops.

Bagels became a popular choice for Americans in the 1970s, when ethnic food was becoming more popular. Bagels took almost 500 years to reach America and Europe. However, it took only 10 years for them to be mass-produced. Lender’s Bagels started marketing frozen bagels to customers via TV and magazines advertising.

Kraft now owns Lender’s Bagels. The vast majority of bagels are machine-made and not hand-made. Bagels are a multibillion dollar industry that is enjoyed by everyone, young and old, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In ten years, who knows where bagels might be!

There is no question about how to celebrate National Bagel Day. You must have a bagel. You can have breakfast bagels or cream cheese bagels. Or sweet chocolate chip bagels. Here are some other options for National Bagel Day celebrations if you want to do something different or if you are just a big fan of bagel sandwiches.

Whatever your choice, National Bagel Day is something you should celebrate. It’s important to take the time to reflect on the rich history of this versatile bread, and how far it has come since its humble beginnings in Poland as a post-birthing snack.


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