National Balloon Ascension Day

National Balloon Ascension Day

Anybody who has been in a hot-air balloon ride will tell you that it is an amazing experience. Although it may seem difficult to believe, there was once a time when humans didn’t know how to get up in the air and stay there. This was before helicopters and planes. Many tried to learn how to fly or even float in those days. But few were able to accomplish it. Jean Pierre Blanchard was one such person, and January 9th is the day we remember him.

It was just as thrilling as it sounds. Jean Paul Blanchard, a French inventor and aeronaut, was seen standing in front of Walnut Street Prison, Philadelphia. He made some last-minute adjustments on his balloon while a large crowd watched. Blachard had been working on this event for some time and had sold many tickets to those who wanted to see him in his gas-filled hydrogen balloon. Blachard created such a buzz about the project that almost all of the capital’s residents came to the prison courtyard to see it. There were also many people from the surrounding area. George Washington, president of the United States, was actually present.

Blachard refused to allow them to go along with him. He was determined to become the first person to fly in the New World. He continued his flight, reaching an altitude 200 feet. He kept an eye on his pulse throughout the entire trip and finally fell in the fields of a confused farmer, who helped him to get back. On January 9, 1793, North America’s first ever balloon flight was declared a success. Balloon travel soon became more popular.

If you’ve never been on a hot-air balloon flight before, now is the time. You could arrange to take a hot air balloon flight when it’s warmer.

You could also take a hot-air balloon flight if you’re on vacation. This will give you a great view of the surrounding area. Some of the most popular hot balloon adventures in the world are found in Serengeti National Park (Tanzania), Napa Valley, California), Cappadocia(Turkey), Gstaad (19Switzerland), Istria [Croatia], and Yarra Valley (‚ÄúAustralia‚Äù).

No matter where you go, you’ll get an amazing view and an unforgettable experience. You’ll understand why our ancestors were so excited!


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