National Ballpoint Pen Day

National Ballpoint Pen Day

The US Patent 2,390 636 was granted to the Biro brothers Laszlo & Gyorgy in June 1943. This patent is better known as the ball pen. Inspired by the fast-drying inks that professional printers use, the new pen invented by the Hungarian inventors was just as impressive as the first fountain pen a century ago. National Ballpoint Pen Day is a celebration of these brave inventors and the indelible impression they have left on the world.

Their invention is now the ultimate disposable and cheap product. Douglas Adams, a writer, even imagined a planet that contained all of the lost ballpoint pens in the universe. It was once a luxury product that was only available to the wealthy. National Ballpoint Pen Day allows you to celebrate this unique design that is accessible to everyone. There are many styles and designs to choose from, so everyone can find the right pen for them.

Ball point pens, even at their most costly, have become the last stroke in a business deal. It is common to find one in any purse or portfolio. You need to sign a receipt. Most likely, you’re using a ballpoint pen. You need to sign a check in order to pay your utilities. It’s likely that you are using a ballpoint pen to sign the check.

The most expensive ballpoint pen are made of carefully designed metal tubes. They even come in silver and gold! Some ballpoint pens can be reused, while others are disposable. The ball pen is a part of every business worldwide, no matter what way you look at them.

Many stores offer trade-in and special deals to mark the day! Get a head start for Letter Writing Day by picking up a ballpoint pen and making someone’s day with a card or letter. They come in a variety of styles and colors so you can grab one today. These are great for writing letters and guest books. If you feel particularly creative, you can even use them to write on your skin. Your imagination and creativity are yours!


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