National Bao Day

National Bao Day

Bao is more than a simple steamed bun. It can also contain many delicious surprises. Bao is sweet or savory. Its history dates back to a Chinese battle around 2500 years ago. But now, it has its own day, National Bao Day!

Bao is an Asian street food. It can be made with any ingredient the cook has at hand. Bao can be made with pork, chicken, shrimp, vegetable pastes and sweet versions that include jams, coconut paste and sweet custard.

National Bao Day was established in 2017 because it is the date that Wow Bao opened its doors to Chicago diners in 2003. Bao, an Eastern tradition that was well-kept, continues to gain popularity in the West and brings with it National Bao Day.

It’s worth celebrating the fluffy, little steamed dumpling! These are some delicious ways you can celebrate National Bao Day

It is obvious that eating one of these delicious dumplings is the best way to celebrate National Bao Day. This day is great for indulgents, regardless of whether it’s their first time trying them or if they’ve been eating them all their lives.

These simple little steamed dumplings are versatile and easy to use. To celebrate the day, try some Bao flavours.

Meat dishes might include options like Teriyaki Chicken, Orange Chicken or Kung Pao. Green Vegetables and Lotus Seed Paste are good options for vegetarians. For those who love chocolate, coconut custard, or black sesame paste, Bao can be filled with it.

In honor of the day, some restaurants may offer special discounts or deals. Wow Bao, which was the original restaurant that created the National Bao Day celebration, offers more than 500 locations across the US. Wow Bao has offered discounts at select locations in past celebrations of National Bao Day. These include $15 off a $25 purchase in-store or $15 off a $30 order with free Grub Hub delivery.

Register for email notifications on the Wow Bao website if you are interested in receiving updates about discounts and promotions.

If you love Bao and want to franchise it, the Wow Bao company might be a good option. This is an excellent time to join the action, with more than 1000 locations planned. You can make this delicious trend of dumplings a part your everyday life by opening a Bao restaurant or adding it to the menu at a restaurant that already has this dish.


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