National Be a Dork Day

National Be a Dork Day

National Be a Dork Day allows you to feel like an outsider, or just plain weird. It’s the perfect time to let your inner dork out and have a day where everyone can be a dork.

Since humans first began to live in society, outcasts have been around for a while. The idea of “dorks” is only a concept that has been around since 1960. The term is used to describe someone who is socially awkward. Synonyms include “nerd” or “geek”.

In the 1980s and 1990s American television depicted dorks as absurd and unrealistic representations of people. In 1989, the over-the-top character Urkel from Family Matters made his debut. The same year also saw the debut of the dorky, but annoying, “Screech” character on the Teen Show Saved by the Bell.

While the original intent of “dork” was to denigrate social rejects, it has evolved and is something that some people are proud to use. It can make someone unique, or even smarter, especially in the technology world. Many famous people have adopted the term in recent years, including Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

The Dork Diaries series began in 2009, and has been ongoing for many years. These books are for children 8 years old and up. They tell the story of a young girl, who declares herself a dork. It gives readers permission to be themselves.

National Be a Dork Day was founded by Ruth and Thomas Roy from Wellcat. This tongue-in-cheek celebration celebrates the idea of everyone being unique and special. National Be a Dork Day is a day to celebrate the dorks in you and others.

These silly and funny ideas will make you pay attention to National Be a Dork Day

Even for those who work, dressing up as a dork on National Be a Dork Day is fun. You can channel your inner Urkel and wear mismatched clothes, a pocket protector or tape to the bridge of your glasses.

Get together all your Dorky friends to celebrate National Be a Dork Day! You can dress up in weird clothing and have fun with dorky topics.

You can watch a hilarious movie about dorks to entertain at a National Be a Dork Day celebration, such as Night of the Living Dorks (2004) or The Secret Lives of Dorks (2013).

Start watching these TV shows featuring geeks and dorks in honor of National Be a Dork Day


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