National Be An Angel Day

National Be An Angel Day

We all have had an angel in our lives, whether it was through a hand that helps us stand again, or the fireman who rescues us from a burning building. Most of us have seen God’s hand in some way, no matter how small or large, and we are grateful for their help. Today, National Be An Angel Day, is the day to remember that.

The kindness of others is what would get us where we are today. We rely on others for help in times of need or our darkest moments. It is true that life can be hard at times. But when we work together, it makes things easier and more manageable. Humanity is remarkable and often finds help from unanticipated sources. You might even meet someone completely new. This is National Be An Angel Day. It gives us an opportunity to show our angelic side.

This day is about encouraging us to support and inspire those in need. It is also about acknowledging those who have been our angels. We all have bad days, no matter what the cause. Sometimes we don’t know why we feel that way. It is important to recognize the people who make us feel good on those days. Recognize their efforts and kindness.

Jayne Howard Feldman started the celebration to encourage random acts of kindness in 1993. It has grown to be an independent entity, thanks in large part to social media. It is a great example of how random acts can turn into something greater than anyone could have ever imagined. This day is getting more and more attention every year. More people are joining the cause of random kindness.

This is the day to prioritize others over yourself. You can help a neighbor mow their lawn or watch their children for a while to relieve some stress. Even if it’s just a phone call or a thank-you note, show someone that you care and express gratitude. Send a message to your loved ones, fill out a parking meter, or volunteer at a soup kitchen. You can plant a tree, pick up litter in your local park, or give flowers to someone you don’t know.

Donate clothing and other items that you no longer use, or reach out to someone in need. Any action that we take to help another person can lead to many other things, including lasting friendships, eternal gratefulness, or a feeling of satisfaction at doing something good. It is true that we all need to be kind and aware of the sufferings of others in our lives. However, today is National Be An Angel Day.

You can also celebrate National Be An Angel Day in many other ways. You can spread positivity by simply using kind words. It’s amazing how a compliment or a few friendly words can make someone feel better and have an even more enjoyable day. Instead of complaining or gossiping, which can lead to negativity, it is better to use words that encourage positive feelings in others and yourself. This day can be used to forgive someone who has wronged your. Do you hold grudges against someone? Are there people who have upset you in the past that you hold grudges against? Do you have a past relationship with someone who has upset you? This could be the right time to share your heart and heal these wounds.

There are many other ways that you can be an angel on this day. You can also pray for others. Send a request for prayer to a friend, stranger, or loved one. Send a friend a note of love. You can also send a friend a text or email message to let them know you care and are thinking about them.

You can also celebrate National Be An Angel Day by thanking those who make your life easier. This goes beyond your family and friends. You can thank the postman every day for his work. A simple “thank you” can make a big difference. You can also gift your patience. This is a wonderful gift. This gift can be used to de-escalate heated situations or allow someone to go ahead of yours in the grocery store line. This small gesture can make a big difference.


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