National Be Someone Day

National Be Someone Day

National Be Someone Day encourages you to take a few moments and make a positive difference in the lives of children.

Project Harmony founded National Be Someone Day to unite communities and raise awareness about child abuse.

Many people don’t know the truth about child abuse. National be Someone Day provides the perfect opportunity for them to find out the facts.

National Be Someone Day aims to increase awareness and remind community members of the importance to limit opportunity, recognize signs, and encourage children and teens to talk about their struggles while listening carefully.

It is important that parents who come across children in abusive situations should report it to their local authorities. Suspected abuse can be reported to the hotline in most states.

National Be Someone Day is a key step in ending child abuse. These ideas and resources can be used to observe the day.

Project Harmony was the foundation of National Be Someone Day. They hope that every adult will pledge to make a difference in the lives of children across the country. This includes learning how to end child abuse.

A child abuse report is filed every 10 seconds, which most people don’t know. Reporting child abuse, whether it’s related to child neglect or not dressing children properly for cold weather or taking note of bruises on a child is everyone’s job.

Take the pledge here:

Ending child abuse requires everyone to get involved. Volunteer at your local child protection center to provide counseling, support kids and parents, or raise funds for a charity.

Spreading the word is an important part of celebrating this day. Talk to your family and friends, or engage in a conversation with a colleague to discuss ways to prevent child abuse.

You can host an awareness event at your local church, school, or library. You can also share Project Harmony’s links via social media to inform others about this worthwhile cause.

Foster parents are a good option for people who want to help families break the cycle of child abuse. Foster parents are temporary placements for children who can’t be cared for by their parents, often in connection with child abuse.


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