National Bed Month

What is National Bed Month?
Since 1990 March has been dedicated to celebrating National Bed Month, which is an awareness initiative launched by The Sleep council; a sleep charity that have tasked themselves with improving the nations sleep.

Along with The Sleep Charity and Bed Advice UK, The Sleep Council want us all to get sharing tips that will empower the nation to improve their sleep and raise awareness throughout the whole of March that will not only help us all to get more sleep, but to ensure that we’re getting the best quality sleep possible as well.

The Sleep Charity are an award winning organisation that offer expert advice and support for all on improving sleep from children and teenagers right through to adults. They also run a National Sleep Helpline from the hours of 7am to 9pm Sunday to Thursday, where their trained sleep advisors offers a range of support to those struggling with interrupted sleep, waking early and trouble getting to sleep.

In 1988 a groundbreaking study found that by switching an uncomfortable old bed to a lovely new one meant an extra 42 minutes of sleep! So forget the old saying that if “You snooze, you lose”, It’s thought that a good night’s sleep has amazing properties that make you healthier and happier. Research has shown that as well as being responsible for low mood, memory fog and hazards in day to day activities such as driving a lack of sleep can also lead to problems with our physical health  ranging from difficulties maintaining a healthy weight to an elevated risk of developing diabetes and heart disease.

This month The Sleep Council are asking you to consider the importance of your bed and along with Bed Advice UK are offering tips on making sure that your bed is up to scratch to offer the perfect night’s sleep.
When is National Bed Month?
National Bed Month begins on the 1st March and runs until the 31st, with National Sleep Awareness Week and World Sleep Day also taking place throughout March.
How to get involved in National Bed Month.

Get involved and raise awareness for National Bed Month on social channels using the hashtag #NationalBedMonth.
Give yourself a sleep check up and look at whether there’s any unhealthy habits affecting your quality zzz’s –  with a purge on tech in the bedroom being a massive pointer for switching off for a quality night’s rest.
If you think your bed may need an upgrade but aren’t quite sure where to start in choosing the best one for you, head to Bed Advice UK for a range of tips on choosing the best bed and mattress for you.
Upgrade your tired old pillows, duvet or bed linen to make sure that you’re falling into the comfiest bed possible at night.

However you celebrate this National Bed Month, the aim is to remind us all of why a sound sleep is good for our health and hopefully after a month of retraining ourselves to rest a little more, relax a little more and switch off a little more, we’ll all be springing into spring a healthier happier nation!



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