National Beer Can Appreciation Day

National Beer Can Appreciation Day

We all know beer. It’s advertised on TV and is a staple of tailgates. Beer has been bottled and sold all over the globe since its inception. There have been many different ways to bottle beer over the years. Each vintage has had to stand out from others. National Beer Can Appreciation day is here to remind us of the talent and artistry that go into these simple aluminum cans that contain this precious elixir.

Beer has been a staple of health and diet over thousands of years. Some even believe that Beer was the key to Egypt’s huge pyramids. It is amazing how easy it is to keep calories from rotting. The aluminum can is today the preferred container for beverages. This tradition began in 1935 and has been followed by a constant parade of labels.

There are many possible contents for labels, from the serious to the humorous. Beer can collectors from all walks of the globe have amassed large collections that showcase the breadth and depth of the artistic talents of beer can designers around the world. It’s more than the art! It’s also the technical innovations that have evolved over time that are appreciated. From the first cans that required a church key to open, to the modern cans that can just be pulled with the thumb, these cans can be popped with a simple pull of the thumb. The beginning of a great day is marked by a delightful hiss.

A simple way to show your appreciation is to visit your local grocery shop. You will find beer of all kinds on every shelf. And, if you look closely, labelling is serious business. You can find beer cans in all kinds of varieties, even those made by bands. Iron Maiden beer is a very famous beer label, featuring Evil Eddie, the band’s iconic mascot. To really experience the variety, go to a collectors convention. Or just stop by a real alcohol dealer. After admiring the can for a while, open it up and enjoy the foamy brew!


Jan 24 2025


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