National Biodiesel Day

National Biodiesel Day

The world used to run on petroleum fuels or fossil-based fuels for a while. It has been a while since there was any serious discussion about alternatives or anything that could make a real difference. Biodiesel is the new fuel, and National Biodiesel Day recognizes it. This allows you to drive without guilt and enjoy the delicious smell of French fries.

Biodiesel, a remarkable substance made from old vegetable and animal oils, is amazing. It is made by combining oil and alcohol to create a fuel capable of powering anything from a passenger bus to an electric heater.

Although biofuel isn‚Äôt a new concept in itself, the technology behind it is. Transesterification is a process that was first used in 1853 by Patrick Duffy. This occurred long before the first diesel engine was ever produced. There wasn’t any practical application at that time.

This all changed in 1893, Augsburg, Germany when Rudolf Diesel produced his first diesel engine. It ran on peanut oil. It is worth noting Diesel didn’t intend his device to run on peanut butter, but it was made available at the Paris Exhibition in 1900 by the French government.

Despite our initial statement, discussions have taken place on the topic of using plant-based fuels to replace petroleum oil as early as 1920’s and 1930s. They never got mainstream attention and have never gained enough momentum to create the movement we see today.

It’s a great way to celebrate National Biodiesel Day. You can learn more about local suppliers and how the biodiesel is made. Also, find out what it does for the environment. It may surprise you to find that it is easily accessible and will give you a clear conscience while you drive to your destination. You can convert any vehicle into a biodiesel-powered vehicle with conversion kits. Who knows? Maybe you’ll decide it’s time to make a change.


Mar 18 2025


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