National Biographers Day

National Biographers Day

Biographers aren’t given enough credit for their work. That’s why we have Biographer’s day! This holiday celebrates the history and art of biographers. It also encourages people to explore writing biographies as an avenue for discovering other people’s lives. Find out more about Biographer’s Day. Learn more about the history and celebrations of Biographer’s Day.

Biographer’s day is celebrated on the anniversary Samuel Johnson’s meeting with James Boswell, his biographer. However, biographies have been around for a long time. Biographies were originally written in historical times. One of the earliest biographies was written during the Roman Empire. Cornelius Nepos, 44 BC, was the first to record this type of journal. He wrote a detailed biography about the most prominent generals of the Romans and Greeks. In the Middle Ages, priests and monks wrote memoirs. This was mainly because most of the writing was for the Roman Catholic Church. This was also true for medieval Islamic cultures. It was not considered literature, even though more biographies were published in the 1500’s.

This is where the story about Samuel Johnson began. James Boswell and Boswell published The Life of Samuel Johnson 1791. Boswell’s thorough research and narrative style about Johnson’s life set the bar for biographers. It was considered one of the most important biographies in English at that time. Biographies were not popular in the 19th century. However, autobiographies gained popularity. In today’s media-centered world memoirs are a quick and innovative way to find out who others are online.

Many celebrities and politicians are now close friends with their biographers. Biographers are journalists who gather all the details about a person’s life and decide which information to reveal and which to keep behind closed doors. A friendship between a biographer and a biographee can have a huge impact on how a person’s life is told, while still being truthful.

A biography has a significant advantage: it is written from the third-person perspective. This allows you to see how their lives have influenced and impacted other aspects. Although it may seem a bit bizarre, it shows the historical influences that the deceased person had.

A biography written well can bring history to life. A biography can help people remember facts and figures from history.

Most biographers won’t say that they are the first and foremost biographers when asked. Instead, most will state that they are storytellers. The best biography writing should tell a story that keeps the reader on the edge of their seat, and it should be well-written. Although facts should be kept true to the original, a biography can use language to enhance the story and make readers want more. Every person’s story is filled with details. It’s the way the biographer presents them that makes them so compelling. A biographer’s first goal is to tell the truth about a person’s story. The second goal is to make it fascinating.

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “biography” is a book. But, documentary-style movies, shows, and the modern podcast are all great media for biographies. This allows a biographer to use other media to tell a person’s story in a different way than the written word.

You can learn more about biographers by reading about the greatest biographers of history such as Plutarch, the Greek philosopher, and Thomas Carlyle, the Scottish philosopher. Norman Mailer, who wrote about Marilyn Monroe, Lee Harvey Oswald and David McCullough, who has written many biographies, including ones based on John Adams, Harry Truman and Theodore Roosevelt.

Tina Fey’s hilarious memoir Bossypants or Michelle Obama’s more serious autobiography, Becoming, are two examples of modern-day autobiographical readings. Augusten Burroughs books are a great source of bizarre memoirs. They are based largely on his unusual childhood.

Memoirs are different from autobiographies in that they focus on a particular time or part of the writer’s past, while autobiographies provide more detailed information about the whole writer’s entire life.

Professional ghost-writer biographers are available for those who want a biography about themselves written. A 200-page ghostwritten biography can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000, depending on how detailed the research was and how much it takes. For a 300-page biography, a biographer could charge up to $45,000.

Biographies can be fascinating if you look for a portrait of someone you admire and spend the time to read it.


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