National Biscotti Day

National Biscotti Day

These are just some of the many flavors that Biscotti can be found in: Honey Pistachio and Chocolate Hazelnut, Almond, Lemon Dipped In White Chocolate, Dried Cherry, Almond Biscotti and Almond Biscotti. They are perfect for pairing with your favorite coffee blend or a cup of hot tea. The double-baked crunch of the Biscotti makes them absorb the many flavors and then soften into a delicious snack. National Biscotti Day is a celebration of these delicious treats.

Biscotti, almond biscuits, are made in Prato, Italy. They are the result of twice-baking, which makes them crunchy and delicious. Vin Santo is a sweet white dessert wine that combines their firm texture with sweetness. Biscotti are the result of a preservation process. Biscotti were often transported on long journeys and during wars by Roman Legions. They have been a part of Italian dietary culture since then and found a new home in coffee shops around the globe.

The dough is a mixture of flour, sugar, eggs and unroasted almonds. It’s not necessary to add any yeast or fat. The dough is first baked in a rectangular shape like biscotti. It is then baked again, this time with the cut shapes known to the customer. The traditional recipe calls for almonds. However, you can make them with walnuts, pine nuts, dried fruits such as raisins, or any other low-moisture ingredients that you can think of. These are the origins of the humble Biscotti.

You can celebrate National Biscotti Day by creating your own Biscotti recipe and trying out new variations. We have provided a basic recipe that you can use to build your own Biscotti Day.

This recipe can be adapted by adding lemon juice or orange juice, frosting them with nuts and fruit, or any other flavor you like. National Biscotti Day encourages experimentation and a willingness to try new things.


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