National Blame Someone Else Day

National Blame Someone Else Day

National Blame Someone Else Day, the day of compulsive lying, is a dream come true! This allows for 24 hours of continuous finger-pointing at unsuspecting victims. This is a day that can make a mother-in-law rethink her habit of berating anyone.

It’s National Blame Someone Else Day, that’s right!

On the first Friday of each year, this historic occasion allows people to pretend that they are struck by a sudden spell of amnesia lasting 24 hours. Although anyone can blame the other, remember that people will be transformed back into their former selves at midnight just like Cinderella!

However, it doesn’t matter what happens. The brief madness of this day can be attributed to Anne Moeller from Michigan. She started the trend in 1982 in order to excuse her failures on Friday the 13th. (It was actually her alarm clock’s fault that the alarm didn’t go off. This set off a series of events that led to a lot of bad luck!

This silly, lighthearted day adds a little more interest to your life. It was born out of Ms. Moeller‚Äôs deep desire to make all the bad luck in her day someone else’s. National Blame Someone Else Day is here!

It’s hard to believe that even being in denial could be cause for celebration. There are many ways to celebrate this day! These ideas are just a few of the many possibilities.

Play a classic role-playing game of whodunit with your friends to see who weeps first. Clue is a board game that can lead to blaming others. Blame Space, a card game that’s mean-spirited and petty is where you can only win if you blame another person. Pass The Blame is another board game that follows these same lines.

Another fun game is the role-playing Game of Blame. This game focuses on Medieval court life and allows participants to hide secrets, blame others, avoid responsibility for any bad events that occur, and so forth. These games can be fun for all ages, so get together with your family and friends to blame each other.

Many thrillers and mysteries are about figuring out who is responsible for a specific crime or action. These films use blame shifting to get away with things:

This is the day for those who want to find a constant excuse to blame someone or something else. You can use a simple line about Mercury going backwards if there is no one to blame. This occurs a few times per year when Mercury, the planet, is moving in the opposite direction to Earth. This is considered bad luck by astrologers.

Most people don’t know what Mercury is doing in retrograde. You can use this phrase to excuse any problems that might arise on National Blame Someone Else Day. Although it might not be true, who will know?

A playlist that includes songs about “it’snt my fault” and other lyrics related to blaming others would be the perfect soundtrack. You can create a National Blame Someone Else Day playlist using Spotify or another music platform. These song ideas will help you get started:

Invite your family to come over and then blame the granny. You can also loosen the screws and blame the kids. Put chocolate mousse in the shoes of everyone and then blame the dog… there are so many options!

Remember that the amnesia will end at midnight and your fingers will hurt from all the pointing. Friends are likely to take revenge for being unfairly set up.

Be careful when celebrating National Blame Someone Else Day. It could be that someone else will eventually blame you.


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