National Bobblehead Day

National Bobblehead Day

Go with me to the ballgame! Let me join the fun! Get me some peanuts, and… bobbleheads! That’s right! Bobblehead Day is a day to celebrate the amazing development of bobblehead dolls. National Bobblehead Day allows you to learn more about these classic toys, whether you are buying them for your favorite team or one of the commemorative presidential bobbleheads.

Bobbleheads were first introduced over 100 years ago. They are made of a doll with a head attached to a spring. This creates the iconic bobble-head action. This toy was first known for its iconic shape in the mid 1800s when plaster cats with bobbing heads and a tin head were very popular.

The 1920’s saw the introduction of the bobblehead to sports. Each one was identical. These were discontinued in 1930, but their popularity was revived when they began producing custom-made faces for the most famous players of the day.

The bobblehead craze has not died down since then, and it continues to grow in popularity and design. Although technically not a “bobblehead”, hula dancing was a very popular version of this doll style. They often had two or more spring-based joints in their designs.

Plastic bobblehead dolls saw a boom in the 1990’s. Each year brings new options and more customizations.

The best way to celebrate National Bobblehead Day? Get out there and create your own collection. There are many options, so you’re sure to find one that suits your personal style and tastes. National Bobblehead Day offers a unique opportunity to start a new tradition and find a new hobby.

Ask your friends if they have a favorite bobblehead, or a story about a relative who had one. Bobblehead enthusiasts have been a part of more than one family. They brought their unique style and flair to events, their cars, and even life.

If you are really passionate, National Bobblehead Day can be a great time to attend Bobblehead conventions. This is where Bobblehead enthusiasts get together to share their most rare finds, prized possessions, and just plain funny Bobbleheads. National Bobblehead Day offers a chance to find out more about America’s history and the wild world that we live in.


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