National Bologna Day

National Bologna Day

While we don’t agree with the above madness, we can appreciate their commitment to Bologna. Most people think of bologna as the pink, smooth meat with the plastic ring around it in the grocery store. Although this is only one type of Bologna there are many other types. They all have their own names and origins. National Bologna Day allows you to find out more about this classic lunch meat and its origins.

Bologna is a favorite lunchtime food for most people. But there is so much more to it. Bologna can be made with any meat, including beef, turkey and venison. It can also be made with chicken or a vegetarian soy protein. Bologna’s secret ingredient is myrtleberries. It is made with a mixture of black pepper, cinnamon, coriander and allspice. This last ingredient gives meat its unique flavor, and can also be found in mortadella.

There are several types of bologna. However, most people are familiar with the pre-sliced variety. You may be familiar with Ring Bologna’s shape if you have ever eaten Kielbasa. However, it is a completely different meat. Ring bologna can be sliced and served as a topping for crackers. However, it may also be pickled occasionally to aid in storage.

Rag bologna is sold as a long stick. It is usually sold as a swatch or cloth. It is made with milk solids and cereals to give it bulk. This makes it different from rag bologna and sliced bologna. It is then given a bath in lactic acid before being coated with paraffin wax.

If you are a bologna novice and have only ever eaten sliced bologna then National Bologna Day will be an unforgettable occasion!

Start your day with a good serving of bologna. We recommend having it fried with an eggs and toast. You can also enjoy a classic bologna sandwich later in the day. We usually make it with mayonnaise, mustard, and little else. After you have had these two meals, it is time to explore other types of bologna. We recommend South African Polony if you are able to find it. However, it is often difficult to find in the United States.


Oct 24 2024


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