National Bomb Pop Day

National Bomb Pop Day

Summer is here! The weather is hot, sticky, and the sun shines. If you need to cool down, grab it with both your hands! Why not treat yourself to an Ice lolly or Ice Pop?

It shouldn’t be difficult to choose the ice lolly you want to eat today, as it is National Bomb Pop Day on Thursday, June 26th!

This playground favourite is super colorful, super cool, and super delicious. Every year, it gets its own day. If you are a Bomb Pop fan, please join us!

Because of its bright colors, the Bomb Pop is easy for anyone to identify. There are three bright stripes that evoke summer and they come in many flavors. Most recognizable is the original red, white, and blue design. But there are many other options.

On July 30, 1955, the Bomb Pop was made for the first time in Kansas City, Missouri. James S. Merritt, and D.S. Abernethy, the owners of Meritt Foods.

Ice pop popularity has grown steadily since then. There are many flavors to choose from and many corporate creations that result from partnerships between producers (now Wells’ Diary) and large companies like Disney.

In 2005, the Bomb Pop celebrated its 50th anniversary. This would be the first National Bomb Pop Day in honor of the 50th anniversary. We are now celebrating it in all its cold and refreshing glory many years later!

A Bomb Pop is a great way to cool down after a hard day in the heat.

The Bomb Pop is a very popular American snack. Most grocery stores carry at least one variant. A cooling ice lolly is all you need for a hot and sticky summer’s day.

You can make your own Bomb Pops with an ice lolly machine if you feel creative. You can share your creations with #bombpopday on social media.


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