National Book Lovers Day

The sight of a book can bring back wonderful memories, whether it is the aroma of a first edition book or a book from an old book collection.

As a child, reading was a joy. You enjoyed the short stories and long books. It also gave you the opportunity to become lost in a story that is so compelling that you want to know where to find the next book in the series. National Book Lovers Day is a day for all readers.

The books aren’t shrouded in mystery or rumor. The book’s origins are in stone tablet carvings thousands of years ago. It was created to allow for the drawing and writing to be transported on stones tablets. These original written documents were originally made from parchment or vellum (calf skin in case you have any doubt) and then bound with a wooden cover.

The wooden cover was often tightly wrapped in leather to protect the wood from becoming wet. There were also clasps or straps that held it closed. As early as 220AD, Eastern cultures used carved wooden blocks to print text on cloth with ink.

Printing capabilities made it easier to print books in the modern age. Johannes Gutenberg, a German inventor of the printing press, invented it in Germany 1436 with the intention to print Bibles. The printing press, typewriter and computer had an impact on how books were made, printed, marketed, and sold.

In recent years, electronic devices have become more accessible and can be used to read. The ability to read books on tablets, phones, and most smartphones makes it easy to have a small library that can be used wherever you are.

There are many ways to celebrate National Book Lovers Day. You can either try these ideas out or create your own.

To truly appreciate National Book Lovers Day one must first find a story to read. You might want to read a mystery or a romance, be immersed in science fiction, or enjoy the thrill of romance. It doesn’t matter what genre you are reading, it is important that you read a book for National Book Lovers Day!

It can be more enjoyable to read with others who enjoy books. Invite a few friends to join you in a book club. They will enjoy snacks, drinks, and a book. Then they can discuss the book. If you don’t feel like getting along in a group, you might consider a buddy read. This is the same idea as a book club but with only two people.

These ideas are great for book clubs:

National Book Lovers Day is a great time to gift a well-chosen book to your family and friends. A chapter book is a great choice for elementary school children, an antique book to collect, a book about science fiction for a fan of sci-fi, or a parenting book that you can gift a friend who is pregnant. You aren’t sure what book to gift someone? You can celebrate National Book Lovers Day by gifting a gift card to their favorite bookstore.

A film adaptation can be a great way to get the shorter versions of stories from books for those who don’t like reading or have limited time. These adaptations are a great way to start:

Many people love to celebrate National Book Lovers Day at school or work by organizing events. You can host a book swap where employees or students bring books to trade. Invite a guest author to read from one of their books. You can decorate the space with book-themed posters and invite the children to visit the local library or school.

If you are looking for a more intimate party, consider hosting one at your home for family, friends, or neighbors. Each guest should dress up as their favorite author, and bring a snack or dessert that is literary-themed.

This is the ideal time to encourage others to become Book Lovers! Make a donation to these worthy causes

Perhaps a trip to the local library would be a good idea. Public libraries have been around since the Middle Ages. However, they were not allowed to take many books home. To prevent theft, librarians used to chain books to desks or shelves to protect the handwritten tomes.

Many librarians are happy to help someone find a title they want to read. They will give a quick explanation if they have already read it or flip it and then read the summary quickly.

No matter what your preference, you can read it at home with tea or with friends, or visit the library to make use of the amazing books on the shelves. Just enjoy the reading experience, take in the story, and then find a way for National Book Lovers Day to read!


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