National Bookmobile Day

National Bookmobile Day

Bookmobiles are vehicles that transport books to communities. This service is now used almost as often today because of the internet. The potential of bookmobiles to inspire and educate by giving away books is immense. National Bookmobile Day celebrates bookmobile history and encourages people who have them to bring them back to life.

Bookmobiles are buses that transport library books for free. This service has been around since the beginning of the 19th century. One of the first libraries to travel was the American School Library. Harper & Brothers published the book. They would take them to small towns and rural areas to give them the opportunity to read new books.

The original horse-drawn wooden carriages are still on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Bookmobiles gained popularity over time. People started to enjoy reading books brought to them.

This idea was particularly popular during the Great Depression. It was necessary to provide libraries for people living in remote areas of Kentucky and Appalachia. The Pack Horse Library Project was founded by these packhorse librarians. They brought books to remote areas. People in rural mountain areas were able to access books and learn from them.

As technology improved the accessibility of reading materials online, the rise in bookmobiles started to slow down. Some people consider bookmobiles obsolete due to their high cost and difficulty transporting books. People are calling for greener bookmobile solutions to counter this trend.

To help bookmobiles regain their popularity, this includes reducing their carbon footprint. The American Library Association sponsors National Bookmobile Day to promote bookmobiles as an alternative resource. Books are essential in education and provide the tools to help people learn.

Donate to your local library to support bookmobiles. Ask your local library for a bookmobile service. Support local bookmobile services in your community and say thank you.

Tell your family and friends about the historical importance of bookmobiles. Discuss the importance of reading and what bookmobiles can offer youth today. Start a bookmobile service if you work in a library. You will travel around the community giving free books to children.


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