National Boss/Employee Exchange Day

National Boss/Employee Exchange Day

This sounds like the answer for every wage-slave’s woes – National Boss/Employee Exchange Day is when bosses and workers swap roles. It’s a day when bosses answer the phones, make coffee (two sugars please), and deal with awkward customers. The boardroom is a great place for workers to play golf.

However, it is difficult to switch roles when there are many employees and one boss. National Boss/Employee Day is more about exchanging ideas than doing each other’s jobs. What can employees do to make their day more enjoyable? What can we do to improve the company? What can the boss do to improve his miserable swing? You get the idea.

You can celebrate by presenting to your boss a pitch about flexible work hours and child-friendly hours. He can pretend that he will think about it for a day and you can pretend that you believe him.


Dec 09 2024


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