National Boston Cream Pie Day

National Boston Cream Pie Day

Are you a fan of butter sponge cakes? What about chocolate? What about rich custard and cream?! We have the perfect donut for your needs! National Boston Cream Pie Day is a celebration of one of the most delicious creations in confectionary, the Boston Cream Pie. It’s time to admit it! This is not a pie, it’s a cake. And in this instance, the cake is not a lie! If it has been awhile since you last enjoyed one of these delicious treats, National Boston Cream Pie Day gives you an excuse to get a slice.

As you can see, National Boston Cream Pie Day’s history is tied to Boston Cream Pie. The pie that is actually a cake was created in the Parker House Hotel in Boston in 1856 by Chef M. Sanzian. The original American-French Chef named the cake “Parker House Chocolate Cream Pie”. He had used a French Butter sponge cake as a base and then filled it with Creme Patissiere, an egg-thickened custard with a long history. Finally, he brushed the top with rum syrup, and finished it off with chocolate fondant.

The Washington Pie inspired it, which is a similar dessert filled with jam and dusted in powdered sugar. However, the flavor is subtler and less sweet. Boston Cream Pie is a popular donut that can be found in most bakeries. It’s a Berliner filled custard with chocolate icing and served as a Boston Cream Pie. National Boston Cream Pie Day is an excuse to try this delicious pie, and to discover a new favorite cake with its subtle flavors.

First, make your way to the bakery to get a Boston Cream Pie. Do you feel a little generous? You can stop by your local donut shop to pick up a box Boston Cream donuts and then bring it in with you a steaming cup of your favorite coffee shop. A surprise treat shared with friends is the best way to brighten your day. You might consider hosting a dinner party where you can serve them up. Are you feeling adventurous? Make a Boston Cream Pie with your favorite recipe and have everyone compare it in a custard-fueled bacchanal.


Oct 23 2024


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