National Bouillabaisse Day

National Bouillabaisse Day

Although the name might be a bit long, bouillabaisse is an excellent meal and deserves its own day.

Bouillabaisse, a French fish stew or soup, is the original origin of bouillabaisse. It is believed that the meal originated in Marseilles, a port city. The traditional recipe used rockfish and fenne seeds.

While it is not possible to pinpoint the exact origin of National Bouillabaisse Day, the dish it honors has been around since the beginning. It was first created by fishermen from Marseilles using rockfish to make delicious soupy dishes. Because rockfish and other fish similar to it were too bony to sell to fishermen, they were used. Bouillabaisse, depending on the authenticity and tradition of the chef, is a dish you may have to eat with bones.

Bouillabaisse was invented before the 17th Century. However, a similar soup to the one we know today was made in 600 BC by the Ancient Greeks who established Marseilles. They ate a simple fish stew made with ingredients from the area.

The simplest way to celebrate such a day is to make your own Bouillabaisse, as always!

It doesn’t matter if you use bony rockfish as the original recipe calls for. Any white fish will work. You will need to serve the broth separately from the fish if you want it to taste authentic. However, if you go to Marseilles you will find many cooks arguing about the best way to prepare it.

A bouillabaisse is best for fish that are more firm, such as haddocks, halibuts, cod, or sea bass. You can also add other seafood, such as mussels and squid, if desired.

This wholesome dish’s broth is made up mainly of tomatoes, oil and orange peel, with a little bit of white wine. You can experiment with the broth and create your own regional favorites by adding your own flavor.


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