National Bourbon Day

National Bourbon Day

National Bourbon Day is a great excuse to sip a few glasses of whiskey.

It is possible that those who have not been exposed to the world of alcoholic beverages might not be familiar with the differences between whiskey and bourbon. This is perfectly normal! This is the ideal day to learn. National Bourbon Day was established to help people learn more about this fine liquor, which some call the “Spirit of America”.

This American “Native Spirit” is time to be celebrated!

Legend has it that National Bourbon Day celebrates the anniversary of the first time the famous drink was made. This date is believed to be in the late 1800s. Although it may be a legend, National Bourbon Day is certainly a day to celebrate.

Bourbon is an American whiskey that is made from a mash primarily from corn. It must contain at least 51% corn to be considered bourbon. Malted barley, wheat and rye are some of the other grains found in the mash.

In order to make “straight Bourbon whiskey”, the mash must be distilled. Many bourbons have been aged for more than two years. One labelling rule says that any bourbon less than 4 years old must indicate this on the label.

This liquor is very strong. The corn mash used to make bourbon is 80% alcohol. After aging, filtering, and bottling, the final product cannot be less than 40% alcohol per volume.

Bourbon was definitely born in Kentucky in the early 1700s. This was before the state had its formal name. It is possible that the name was inspired by the French Bourbon Dynasty and Bourbon County in Kentucky, which was well-known for its corn production.

Some people believe that Kentucky Bourbon must be produced (just as cognac must be made from a specific region of France). However, this is not true. To be called Kentucky Bourbon, it must be distilled and aged in Kentucky.

However, the majority of the drink is still made in Kentucky. People from the area will claim that Kentucky is the source of the finest bourbon. Kentuckians claim that this bourbon is distinguished by the limestone found in the springwater.

The 1964 US Congress declared bourbon a “distinctive American product”. Many trade agreements stipulate that bourbon must be made in America to qualify for the designation.

The popularity of bourbon whiskey grew, and so did the Kentucky tourism. Some companies had planned to lower the alcohol content to meet demand at one time, but customers reacted and forced them to reconsider their plans. To meet US demand, some companies have reduced their overseas supplies. Kentucky is still the best place to buy bourbon.

Although all whiskeys can be bourbons, not all whiskeys can be bourbon. National Bourbon Day is the perfect day to learn more about this delicious beverage and have a glass.

Enjoy fun, enjoyment, and access to different Bourbons around the globe, celebrating National Bourbon Day! These are some ideas to celebrate the occasion:

Try a different kind of Bourbon

Participate in a National Bourbon Day Event

There are many events and opportunities for whiskey enthusiasts and their friends, even those who don’t know much about whiskey, to enjoy this special day. Restaurants and hotels often host a Bourbon-themed dinner.

For more information and to register for events, visit the National Bourbon Day Website.

Bardstown in Kentucky is known as the “Bourbon Capital of the World”. It is the ideal place to celebrate National Bourbon Day because of this. Bardstown has at least 10 distilleries. This area offers a wide range of bourbon options including Bardstown Bourbon Company and Maker’s Mark Distillery.

National Bourbon Day events usually last for two to three days and host tastings, demonstrations, expert discussions, and expert talks. The Oscar Getz Museum of Whisky History is a unique place for bourbon lovers.

For those who are unable to travel to Kentucky, but still want to participate in the National Bourbon Day event from home, you can access the National Bourbon Day Video Library for recorded and virtual events.

It’s a great way to celebrate the day with family and friends.

It doesn’t matter what your plans for the day are, you can easily add whiskey to an evening dinner to make National Bourbon Day memorable!


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