National Bow Tie Day

National Bow Tie Day

Over the years, there have been many bow tie-wearing icons. Many of these will be dear to your heart. There is a faint, whirling sound in the distance. Then there appears a blue policebox. A small wooden puppet with large bowties in blue and a large mouth. A sharply dressed man with a licence to kill.

The bow tie worn by the character in each of these examples is distinctive. Each character, whether it is the Doctor from Dr. Who or Pinocchio, wears a bowtie that accents their character.

The bow tie is not a French invention, as many believe, but it was created in Croatia. French military forces saw how the Croatian soldiers tied their neckties to keep their shirts’ collars together during the Thirty Year War.

Pierre Lorillard, a tobacco magnate, wore one to the Tuxedo Club. His black and white fashion sense led to the Tuxedo that is still in style today. The bow tie is used to accent the neck and draw attention away from shoulders and chest.

Wear a bow tie! Although it is easy to tie a bowtie, it is not. The button-up shirt is probably the most popular combination of the button-up and flourished bow. It may seem a bit outdated, but classics don’t die …. Since the 17th century, bow ties were worn by people who wanted to make a better impression.

Many of James Bond’s characters have worn bow ties, including James Bond. The bow tie gives the actor an air that is distinctive and distinguishable. The infamous Dr. Nye is an example of a scientist who wears a bow-tie while explaining the science behind it.

His statement, “If liquid nitrogen is used and your tie falls in it, it’s funny in some ways to the audience, but it’s also — pun meant — a little bit painful in the neck,” really demonstrates the difference between a necktie or a bow tie. Don’t undervalue the value of this simple, yet elegant, addition to your dressing up. Wear them proudly this National Bow Tie Day!


Aug 01 - 28 2024


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