National Brandied Fruit Day

National Brandied Fruit Day

Brandied Fruit is a popular treat for those who love the flavorful bite of Brandy and the rich, full-bodied taste of Brandy. Brandy is the ultimate fruit distillation. It begins its life as a delicious, bountiful wine, with a lovely bouquet. This is then distilled into the spirit that we know as Brandy. This wonderful treat is made with a rich, sweet taste.

Unfortunately, the history of National Brandied Fruit Day has been lost to time. However, the wonderful tradition of creating this midwinter treat isn’t. Brandied fruit was not only a tasty treat for those who had the resources and money to make it but also a highly-sought-after method of preservation. It is delicious as a standalone treat, but it can also be used to preserve winter fruits and enhance your Brandy.

It’s easy to celebrate National Brandied Fruit Day. All you have to do is open a jar and enjoy it with relish! (Proverbial relish is to relish; not actual relish… What’s that? What if you don’t want brandied fruit? You can buy it in specialty shops, but you’ll get the best experience if you make your own. This is not an easy process. It is easy to get the ingredients together and sterilize the glass canning containers. Then follow the recipe.

Warning! Once the initial process is completed, it will be in that jar for 3 weeks. Be prepared.

We have a recipe that will help you celebrate National Brandied Fruit Day.

Select a minimum of 80 proof Brandy, Cognac, or whatever fruit you prefer. It’s important to make sure the fruit is fresh and of high quality. There are worse things than mushy, bruised fruit when making Brandied Fruit.

It’s easy to make the combination: Take one pound of fresh fruits and add:3-5 T sugar (Modify according to how sweet it is); 1/2 a lemon peel ( 1/4 if orange); 1/2 t vanilla extract or vanilla bean

Slowly cook it until it becomes clear. Allow it to cool down before you proceed. The zest and other spices should be added to the jars. Seal the jars and allow to rest for 2 to 4 weeks.

It’s a good idea to make sure you top this treat with brandy, to prevent it from going to waste. This can be enjoyed all year, but it should be kept refrigerated for at least 9-10 months.


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