National Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day

National Broadcast Traffic Professionals Day

Have you ever wondered how local television stations keep track of traffic? Ever wondered how professionals lay out roads?

Broadcast Traffic Professional Day celebrates those working in traffic engineering, no matter if they are in broadcasting or engineering. Let’s find out more about Broadcast Traffic Professional Day.

Broadcast Traffic Professional Day recognizes all those who work in traffic departments and schedule programs and announcements on national television and radio stations. This helps to keep people safe.

Traffic professionals were born out of the industrial revolution, specifically the development and production of motor vehicles. It’s easy to see how accidents became common once vehicles were popular. Radio is one way to reduce traffic.

In the 1920s, traffic was first announced on Pittsburgh’s KDKA radio station. Radio and television have regularly announced local and national traffic to their viewers since then so that they can stay informed about the world outside.

While there are many reporters out there reporting on traffic conditions every day, traffic engineering is a special job branch that works to ensure safe traffic on roads.

This profession is focused on making traffic flow efficient using techniques like road geometry, cycling infrastructure, and road surface marking. It aims to make drivers safe by making traffic safer. Traffic engineers must be certified by the Institute of Transportation Engineers. This membership association certifies traffic engineers to improve mobility.

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Jul 11 2024


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