National Brunch Weekend

Join Jarlsberg®, the UK’s number one deli cheese with holes* for the first-ever National Brunch Weekend.

The event aims to celebrate the UK’s love of brunching which has become a truly social event over the last decade and to showcase just how well the beautifully melting Jarlsberg® cheese works to create perfect brunch recipes.

Celebrate with us on the first weekend in October (2nd-3rd) with a series of events, cheesy recipes and activities to ‘toast’ to the soaring popularity of cheesy brunching, whether that is from home or out in cafes and restaurants across the country.

Head over to Jarlsberg® Cheese social media platforms to find out more about the event and participate in our fun and cheesy brunch challenges and competitions.


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Jarlsberg® is one of the UK’s leading cheese brands, which is made from a secret Norwegian recipe that dates back to 1956. It’s a versatile cheese that is used in many recipes and dishes but its meltability lends itself well to the perfect brunch dishes such as toastie stacks and sandwiches. We have therefore created a range of special brunch recipes to mark the National Brunch Weekend. Find them at:

In Norway, where Jarlsberg® originates from, brunch is also a big part of weekend life, particularly when the Norwegians head into autumn and start to cosy up as the nights get longer. Jarlsberg® is the perfect accompaniment to many brunch dishes and as a cheese it’s so versatile.

We are really excited about launching the UK’s first-ever National Brunch Weekend and celebrating the slower pace of life that weekends and brunches symbolise.

We hope you will join our celebration and if you would like to find out more please contact us at:


Oct 02 - 03 2024


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