National Brutus Day

National Brutus Day

Marcus Junius Brutus Minor was often reviled, as Dante has stated. Also known as “Brutus” (or more simply “Et tu Brute”), why not dedicate a holiday for this most evil of individuals? This is the slayer and betrayer to friends. My good friends, National Brutus Day reminds me that betrayal and subterfugel (or at least back-stabbing) are still alive and well in our modern age.

National Brutus Day refers to the day when we say “Eu tu Brutus”. If you’ve ever read Julius Ceaser, by William Shakespeare, then you’ll know what it means. We’ll save you the trouble of reading it and tell you that it means backstabbing. Backstabbers are still prevalent, from Shakespeare’s time to today. People plot to take advantage of others in order get what they want. Many of you reading this are probably nodding your heads, as you may have been a victim to a backstabber.

What is National Brutus Day? Do we pay tribute to all the backstabbers? No, National Brutus Day reminds us that backstabbers and betrayers still exist. This day can be used to remind you to keep your guard up and to know what the warning signs are for backstabbers. This day could be used to remind yourself of the positive people in your life and stop backstabbers from winning. Do not use this day to become a backstabber, no matter what you do!

You might be wondering how to identify a backstabber. It can be difficult to spot a backstabber, especially if they’re skilled at it. Listen to your gut instincts if you suspect someone of being a backstabber. You don’t have to accuse people. But you need to build a wall and protect yourself. You should also be aware of other warning signs. You should be wary of people who give you sweet talks that seem a little too sweet. You can also notice when people have the most vexatious quarrels and disappear when you are not needed anymore. The biggest sign that someone is a backstabber is when they have lots of dirt on your life, but you are unaware of their true identity.

Let’s begin by talking about him and how he became second to the slayer of the messiahs. First, it is important to realize that Caesar’s history has been plagued by intrigue since his birth. Even though Caesar was just 15 years old at the time, rumors circulated that Caesar had fathered Brutus rather than Marcus Junius Brutus Major. The questionable circumstances surrounding Caesar’s father’s death during the Lepidian revolution fuelled this rumor. Quintus Servilius Caepio took over his care in 59 BC.

How did he become Caesar’s confidant and become such a close friend that his betrayal shocked him to the core? Perhaps the best way to find out is to examine our lives and experience. Sometimes, we find out that our friends may not be the best people. We may love them and their friendship, but we don’t always agree with their actions or choices in relation to others. This is how Brutus ended up. A dear friend he couldn’t counsel away from madness was forced to die for the good the nation he ruled. This conundrum raises the question of whether Brutus was a hero, villain or martyr. Maybe each in equal parts.

Let’s now look at the actual date. National Brutus Day was established by Ruth and Thomas Roy from Wellcat Holidays. Their names may have been mentioned on this site a few times. They have also created several days of observance. This day is to remind us, while backstabbing may have been used for different purposes in Ancient Rome it is still something to be concerned about!

National Brutus Day… Does this day deserve to be celebrated? It is a way to shed more light on the dirty underbelly that lies within the political arena. It may also encourage us to reflect on the great game they play. The pull and tug of politics and conflicts of loyalties, priorities and priorities, as well as the need to give up and take on issues that can at times anger and exalt their constituents. Sometimes, the path to the ends they promise doesn’t take you straight but takes you along a moral path.

National Brutus Day is a day to purge your life of people who are not doing you any favors or seem to be doing no good. This day can also be used to help you become more aware of those who are not up to your standards. This topic is a subject that has many interesting articles. You can also use this day for recognizing all the good intentions and genuine people in your life.


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