National Bubble Wrap Day

National Bubble Wrap Day

Bubble Wrap appreciation day is one the worst holidays we could imagine! Bubble Wrap is a wonderful product that everyone should appreciate. Bubble Wrap is a fun and fantastic toy that was accidentally created solely to protect fragile items during shipping.

It has been a wonderful bonus prize in every shipping container and is loved by all – men, women, and pets alike. You have to try Bubble Wrap! We don’t think we would like to get to know you.

Okay, so it isn’t INTENTIONALLY toy. But the truth behind Bubble Wrap may be even stranger. Bubble Wrap was created from two shower curtains that were sealed together. The inventors attempted to market it as wallpaper.

Although it’s sad that this didn’t work, how many extreme cases of anxiety could have been resolved if you just had to pound the walls for some relief?

Ironically, this was not the only mistake on the way to its true purpose. The next thing they tried was to market it was as greenhouse insulation. This was also a largely unsuccessful attempt.

One year later, they found the perfect purpose for Bubble Wrap packaging. It began with IBM as the first customer. They shipped the IBM 1401 in air-cushioned comfort to their customers.

Bubble Wrap presents a Young Inventor Award each year that encourages young inventors to think of new ways to use Bubble Wrap. These young inventors are constantly trying to invent new Bubble Wrap products, whether it’s a Bubble Wrap doorcover to keep out the dings or a Bubble Wrap cushy chair to protect your loved ones from any danger.

Bubble Wrap appreciation day is best spent with a large roll of Bubble Wrap, popping every bubble on the sheet. These can be shared with family and friends who are in need of some stress relief. Then, share another sheet with them and start popping.

Bubble Wrap can be used to relax. We love to roll it up in a tube and grab the ends. Then, twist it as hard as possible, causing a torrential flow of bubbles. You might even be able to spend the rest of your day inventing new uses for Bubble wrap!


Jan 01 - 30 2025


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