National Buffet Day

National Buffet Day

Everyone loves a good buffet so why not dedicate a whole day to it? National Buffet Day is all about hosting or attending a massive buffet. Enjoy a table with enough food to last you a day and enough variety to make eating fun!

Brannvinsbord, a type of schnapps from 16th-century Sweden, is the source of the buffet table. A smorgasbord is a type “meal”, where guests gather for a pre-dinner drink, small talk, and a light snack. Before the meal, the smorgasbord buffet was usually held in separate rooms.

When the Swedes took part in the 1939 New York World’s Fair, the Smorgasbord was made famous by the term “smorgasbord”. They had to create a new way to show the best of Swedish cuisine to large audiences.

Buffet was originally an expression for French sideboard furniture that served food. It became very popular in English after the Swedes introduced the smorgasbord to New York in the second half 20th century.

Depending on where you live and your personal preferences, the way you celebrate National Buffet Day will vary. It would be a memorable experience to visit Las Vegas’ all-you-can-eat buffets if you are located in Nevada. More than 300 dishes are available at the Carnival World Buffet (! More than 70 kinds of homemade pastries, cakes, and pies all made from scratch. Carnival World is $24 and you can stay the whole day tasting all of the delicious food on offer.

The Village Seafood Buffet is a great place to go if you love seafood. It features delicious seafood like lobster, snow crab legs and shrimp. The Caesars Palace Lago Buffet is another must-see for anyone who loves great food in large quantities. The Lago Buffet features fresh ingredients and many made to order specialties. It offers an exceptional selection of Asian fare, including herb-roasted chicken and sauteed pasta.

You can make your own buffet at your home, even if you don’t live near Nevada. Although you can make almost anything, the buffet is based on Swedish traditions so why not make some Scandinavian or Swedish specialties?

You can start by looking for high-quality schnapps. There are many varieties of flavor schnapps available. They range from fruity, summery flavors like watermelon and coconut to root beer and other similar ones. Cinnamon schnapps is the most widely consumed schnapps in the world. If you want to keep your smorgasbord/buffet traditional, purchase Akvavit. This is a flavored spirit that has existed in Scandinavia since the 15th Century.

Like vodka, Akvavit can be made from either potatoes or grains. It is then flavored with herbs and spices or oil. The most popular options are caraway, cumin (caraway), anise, fennel and lemon or orange peel. Traditionally, the drink is served with pickled herring of different kinds.

No matter what you do, celebrate National Buffet Day!


Feb 01 2025


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