National Button Day

National Button Day

Buttons are a popular choice. There are many styles and colors to choose from, including pearly white buttons and Victorian-style fastenings. Adding the right buttons to any outfit will make it more modern. Sewing them on is the easiest type of needlework. They don’t have to be confined to buttonholes. You can use clusters of buttons to decorate any item. They are also great to hold in your hands and to admire. Some people collect them while others just throw them away. They are loved by almost everyone, or at the very least, they are viewed with fascination.

You may feel that buttons don’t deserve their own holiday. But, think about what your life would look like without them. We have zips and Velcro, but can you imagine velcro running down the front of an elegant blouse? No!

National Button Day was established by the National Button Society in 1938 as a celebration of all those who love crafting and collecting buttons. Since then, National Button Day is celebrated annually on November 16th.

Don’t let buttons on old clothes go to waste. You can snip the buttons off of worn-out clothes and start a collection for National Button Day. The thrift shop is a great place for finding interesting buttons. Although you may need to remove them from a piece of clothing, it’s not a problem if you are getting something unique for your collection. You can use the buttons you have collected for many purposes, including repairing clothing that has lost buttons. This is not all. You can make a lot of crafts with buttons. There are so many cute and adorable gadgets that can be made with buttons. These include purses and bags and picture frames as well as lampshades and lamp shades.

You can be certain that your creations will be unique and will not be copied by anyone else. Even if you don’t feel up to the art of crafting, buttons can be fun to just look at. You can also enjoy looking at buttons with your children, but make sure they are old enough to understand that you won’t put them in their mouths.

Take some time to go through your button collection, or create a new one. Enjoy National Button Day to its fullest! You might have an old button in your collection that has been passed down so many times that you don’t even remember where it came. Keep an open mind! Every now and again, someone finds a treasure in their home that was just sitting there collecting dust. Even if you don‚Äôt have regular buttons, you can still enjoy an afternoon admiring the beautiful, shiny things. People are still animals at the end of it all, and nothing is better for them than shiny and pretty things.


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