National Cake Day

National Cake Day

“Qu’ils manger de la brioche!” is the famous French quote. This quote is usually attributed to Marie Antoinette, who was informed by Louis XVI that the French peasants had no bread during one of their famines.

Needless to mention, Marie Antoinette and her husband didn’t win any sympathy or respect from their people for that ignorant and arrogant statement. They then proceeded with the French Revolution to behead them both!

This does not change the fact that cake remains one of the most delicious baked goods humans have ever eaten. Its many varieties continue to amaze cake lovers. It is evident that cake deserves its own holiday.

The history of cake goes back to antiquity. It is believed that the first cakes were made in Ancient Greece or Egypt. These were heavy, flat cakes that were served at the end of a meal containing nuts and honey.

This type of cake is now known as baklava. Baklava is a traditional Greek dessert that’s a must-try for anyone who loves sweet stickiness. Later, the Romans created their own sweet treat that was rich and creamy. This cake, as in many other cultures, was reserved for the gods, and was presented to them at their temples, as a sign that they were respected, loved, and revered.

The Oxford English Dictionary dates the English word cake back as far as the 13th century. The boxed cake mix was created because of the Great Depression. This idea proved to be a success, with millions of American housewives taking advantage of it to make their lives easier.

In 19th-century Western Europe, cakes were first used to celebrate birthdays. Cakes can be a wonderful addition to many other meals and functions. They can be used as a simple dessert or as a centerpiece at a large catered event. Everyone loves a slice of cake, whether it’s black or chocolate, angel food, or the upside-down pineapple version.

Now, National Cake Day can be celebrated all over the globe!

National Cake Day is a day that everyone loves! This is the day to make, eat, or share this delicious dessert.

The best way to celebrate National Cake Day with your family and friends is to eat cake. You can buy many different kinds of cakes to commemorate the occasion. You can buy cake slices by many cafes and bakeries, so you can try different flavors.

Grab some friends and head to the bakery with you. You can fill your plates with a variety of different types. You can share the forks and enjoy a bite from each one. You can choose from pound cake, bundt or cinnamon coffee cake. It doesn’t really matter what kind of cake it is, so long as it’s enjoyed and appreciated on this important day in bakery history.

Make your own cake at home and celebrate the occasion. There are many types of cakes to choose from. Due to their yeast content, yeast cakes are one the oldest types of cake. They are very similar in texture to bread.

Another type of cake is cheesecake. It is delicious and unique. There are many types of cheesecakes. The New York-style cheesecakes, which are rich and creamy and baked in a graham cracker shell and drenched in cherry syrup, are the most popular. You can also try healthier cottage cheese varieties that are lower in calories, fat, and higher in protein.

For their light texture, sponge cakes are made from air trapped in them during baking. They are often paired with butter- or cream cheese-based frostings to balance the sweetness. However, these icings can be difficult to make and easy to ruin.

There are many delicious types of cakes that you can make with different ingredients, such as Red Velvet Cakes and Carrot Cakes. Pick the type of cake that best suits your friends and family’s needs, then get baking! It will be educational and fun.

Because of its size, cakes are almost always meant for sharing! National Cake Day is a great opportunity to bake or buy a large cake, and then share it with others. The mailman, your neighbors, and even the teachers at your children’s school are all good people to share the cake with. Everyone will be happy and grateful to receive a piece of cake this day. Many people might not know it’s National Cake Day. Make sure you share the news with them so they can also get involved!

Get National Cake Day Deals and Discounts

These deals change every year so make sure to check with your local bakeries to find out if they have any discounts or freebies in honor of National Cake Day. There have been discounts offered by many companies, including Baked By Melissa, Boston Market, Mrs. Fields, and Mrs. Fields. These companies offer discounts in conjunction with past cake days. Check them out!


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