National Camcorder Day

National Camcorder Day

There are chances that your country has a television show that delights and irritates viewers, regardless of where they live. These programmes are home videos that share everything from embarrassing proms to dangerous stunts, and even some Great Danes in cargo pants.

National Camcorder Day celebrates videography in all its forms. You might be a professional who enjoys shooting wildlife with a lens and not a gun, or a fan of extreme sports that attaches a GoPro camera to their helmet before they jump out of planes. You may also enjoy recording memories that you can keep forever, such as weddings or birthdays. Or perhaps your son dances like an Egyptian to the Addams Family movie‚Äôs ending credits. Although that last one might sound unbelievable, one of our web team made a mistake at twelve. He doesn’t remember where his mom kept the tape.

Get out there and start filming! Then upload it to YouTube and Vimeo so that you can share it with everyone else!


Jan 20 2025


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