National Candied Orange Peel Day

National Candied Orange Peel Day

What can make fruit, also known as nature’s candy even more delicious and appealing? The addition of more candy!

Candied orange peel is a great way to use up the flavorful, but not very tasty orange peel. They are delicious and easy to make at home.

This versatile treat should have its own day.

Candied orange peel is a classic addition to cakes. It’s been used for its thriftiness in saving peels that would otherwise be thrown away. They are a popular addition to any baker’s pantry.

Preservation of foods with sugar and honey is an ancient method. There are even evidence to suggest that it was used in Mesopotamia and China for various cakes and food items.

Candied peel, as we know it, was first introduced in Arab culture. At banquets, chefs would offer candied fruits. The West would eventually adopt candied fruits as a whole, and they would become a key ingredient in many of the most popular sweets and cakes of European tradition like the Italian Panettone, which contains candied oranges and lemons.

Commonly, the peel can be candied by boiling it with sugared water and then tossing it in more sugar before being allowed to cool.

Candied orange peel is a great snack for those with sweet tooth. It’s easy to make so you don’t have to be afraid to try these sweet treats.

Simply peel the orange and boil it in sugary water. Once it is done, sprinkle more sugar on top. Most recipes will require the same amount of sugar as water. However, some recipes may call for a higher amount of sugar depending on how much sugar is being used to dust the peel.

You can use the candied orange peels to make a delicious and fruity cake or sprinkle them on top of a dessert if you don’t like them. Bonne alimentation!


Apr 05 2025


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