National Careers Week

National Careers Week runs from the 7th to the 12th of March 2022 and aims to promote the importance of good careers education in schools and colleges.

The event is founded by a number of volunteers with a combined wealth of experience from the Education, Business and Careers Guidance sectors and is run as a not for profit organisation.

National Careers Week is targeted at improving the level of careers education in schools and colleges, with evidence showing at government level that this is an area that needs improvement in order to ensure that future generations will benefit from quality, meaningful interactions that will help them to understand the links between courses, skills and the pathways they open up.

NCW invites Schools, Colleges, Universities, Teachers and Careers Professionals to celebrate quality CEIAG for at least one full week every year.

For more information on NCW follow this link, or get involved in the chat on Twitter using the hashtag #NationalCareersWeek .


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