National Carpe Diem Day

National Carpe Diem Day

People get so caught up in planning for the future or making plans for the future that they forget the moment is right now. This moment, right now is all we have. The phrase “Carpe Diem” (“Seize the Day”) is a reminder of this.

National Carpe Diem Day offers the perfect opportunity to celebrate living in this moment!

The 19th century is the earliest time that the English phrase “Carpe Diem”, was used. Robert Frost’s poem of the same title made the idea even more popular during the first half century. Frost’s 1938 poem declares that he wants children to be happy, happy, and happy.

After her journey with Craig Dunham through his diagnosis and subsequent death, National Carpe Diem Day became a reality thanks to the support of her friends. Yvette became inspired by Craig’s example of living life to the fullest even in difficult circumstances and began to inspire others.

2014 was a memorable year for Yvette. She raised over $12,000 to fund twelve ALS ice bucket challenges. National Carpe Diem Day was born out of her desire to bring more attention to ALS research and to live a life filled with joyous experiences and deep connections.

Yvette lived 60 challenges in preparation for her 60th birthday. Yvette keeps the letter “CD” as a personal reminder. They are not only Carpe Diem’s initials, but also Craig Dunham‚Äôs initials. As the inspiration behind this day, we give a little nod.

The most important thing about National Carpe Diem Day, is to live in the moment. This is about living in the moment and taking advantage of it.

Yvette Francino was inspired to let her creativity run through art, make amends, practice positive affirmations and do kind things for other people. It is important to have fun and connect with others, and love yourself.

These are some ideas for National Carpe Diem Day. Or, you can come up with your own creative ideas.

Start small if you feel overwhelmed by the task of seizing the day. It is easy to get sucked into routines that make life a hamster wheel. You can get out of this if you take the minutes-in-between (MIBs), to breathe deeply.

Focusing on something simple and life-giving can be as easy as taking a few moments between calls or meetings to do so. Breathing can reset the mind and body. Deep breathing exercises such as exhaling and inhaling for a few counts each can be a reminder of the fact that life is meant right now, in this moment.

Take a different route to work. You might drink tea instead of coffee. Or you could take a stroll in the park with your lunch. National Carpe Diem Day does not have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be complicated. All it has to do is encourage people to enjoy the moment and embrace the moment.

Inspirational stories of others who have overcome difficulties can be a great source of motivation. These films feature people who live by Carpe Diem’s essence.

It’s time for you to start a bucket list if this idea is new! A person creates a bucket list listing all the things they would like to do before they are gone. You can fill this list with small or big things like learning a language or climbing Mt. Everest. The ideal list should include both small and big items, some that can be done quickly and others that require a lot of planning.

National Carpe Diem Day, which is celebrated on April 12, 2019, is the ideal time for those with a bucket list to start putting things on it.

Consider listening to the Connections Podcast, which is the day’s creator, Yvette Francino, as part of your National Carpe Diem Day exploration. It encourages joy, healthy relationships, celebrating the holidays, awareness, and mindfulness. These podcasts can be used as reminders of what is truly important in your life.


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