National Cartoonists Day

National Cartoonists Day

These were our favorite section of the morning newspaper growing up. We were first introduced to the bizarre and often absurd worlds of the characters within their three-panel soul. We grew up and discovered that there was so much more to the world beyond Garfield and Hagar, and we were able to discover deeply moving stories such as Neil Gaiman’s Sandman and Maus. Every world is told in frames and boxes, word bubbles, and strokes of pen. National Cartoonists Day honors the cartoonists who make this possible.

Richard F. Outcault, a small, bald man dressed in a yellow nightshirt introduced a young boy in 1895 to the world through the New York World, a popular newspaper in the Big Apple. Although the paper was initially treated with disdain by the’real’ journalists at the time, the yellow child was loved by everyone. Richard didn’t know it at the time that he would create this character. It would revolutionize how stories are told and presented in sequential art pieces.

The Yellow Kid was more of an archetype for the world than a person. Richard recalled that he found the Yellow Kid walking through the slums while making his rounds. He would also find him sitting on doorsteps or out in the street. The ideal “kid” was warm, sunny, kind, generous, and without malice or selfishness. It’s amazing to see all the goodness in the world even in the worst. Perhaps that’s a lesson.

The Katzenjammer Kids is the longest-running newspaper cartoon. It was published in 1897 by the American Humorist. Since then, three different cartoonists have taken over the cartoon. Rudolph Dirks was the original cartoonist for the comic. He used speech balloons to indicate dialogue and they are still being used today.

In 1903, the Katzenjammer Kids cartoon even became a play!

Mons Selvam, a female cartoonist from Chennai, India, created the longest single cartoon strip at over 1,100 feet. The cartoon strip focuses on Mons’ childhood and some memories she has of her village through Gundomalli, her fictional character. Mons Selvam is a “happiness artist” and a cartoonist.

The Cartoonists‚Äô Day was established to honor this man’s achievements and the positive impact they had on the world. All of our animation, from Sunday Comics to animation, can be attributed to him. He was a simple bald child in a yellow nightshirt.

Many cartoons can be found today, not only in comics, but also on television. Fantasmagorie was a hand-drawn animation by Emile Cohl that was first made available for viewing in 1908. This cartoon is only one minute twenty seconds long and features a stick figure man transforming into other objects. 700 illustrations were used to create the animated cartoon. Emile Cohl would be known as the “father” of animated cartoons.

Cartoonists don’t just want to make you smile, but they also aim to stimulate discussion. Cartoonists are now using illustration and comics to express their political views, thanks to the popularity of the political cartoon. A political cartoon is an illustration that often includes a caricature to express commentary on current events and politics. These cartoons are not usually found on the humor pages of newspapers, but in the editorial pages of journals and newspapers.

Cartoons have been viewed as low-brow art for many years. However, the important work of cartoonists has been underappreciated for many years. This art form is now more popular with younger generations who want to use art and culture in media expression.

Cartoonists have more options than ever before. Comics, also known as two-dimensional art, are now available in magazines, books and websites. Online support and followers are huge for cartoonists like Marc Bell and John Broadley, who are both detail-oriented.

The cartoonists’ day can be celebrated by getting a comic you remember reading and reminiscing about the role it played in your childhood.

To reminisce about the adventures of a boy and his stuffed animal tiger, pick up a worn Calvin and Hobbes comic by Bill Watterson. Calvin and Hobbes is often referred to by many as the last great newspaper comic. Perhaps not your cup of tea. You can snicker as you flip through the pages of the latest Dilbert cartoons by Scott Adams. Dilbert is more mature, but anyone who has ever worked in an office can relate to its snarky humor.

Online comics are now common. Some of them have been around for over 12 years, such as Randy Milhollands Something Positive. It’s a delight to read. The comic has deep characters, engaging storylines, and a quick wit. It doesn’t matter if you like this comic, but discovering new worlds through comics is a wonderful way to spend Cartoonists day. You can even draw your own comic!


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