National Cat Herders Day

National Cat Herders Day

Cat Herders Day doesn’t require you to be a cat lover. You just need to be someone who is trying to accomplish a difficult task, working in tall-order, hard work, or simply someone who loves cats. It’s not possible to think so. That’s because it would take more time than an infinite monkey, to type all of Shakespeare’s works.

It’s likely that you have heard the expression “herding cats” which refers to a difficult or futile task. You would be able to tell how difficult it is if you’ve ever tried to physically herd cats.

However, we don’t know of anyone who is a professional catherder. If there was, this day would be for them. This day is for anyone who finds it difficult to handle the seemingly impossible, or anyone whose daily life is filled with insurmountable challenges.

Who is this group of catherders who ride horses to search the barren lands looking for cats to gather up? It was originally used to refer to corporate staff and project managers. The concept was expanded to include all people who feel they are underappreciated. House moms and dads are care workers. Taxi drivers, factory workers, taxi drivers, warehouse workers, taxi drivers, call center folk with targets to reach, as well as office staff with stacks of folders. You don’t have to be a part of this group. Every year, December 15th is yours.

Although the expression “impossible is like herding cat” is a well-known saying, it is not new. One story says that Dave Platt, an IT expert, popularized the phrase by saying that “managing senior programmers is like herding cats”.

Another possibility is that the phrase was popularized during the Super Bowl 2000. Electronic Data Systems published an advertisement on that occasion, boasting about their ability to service customers as well as cowboys who herd cats. The phrase has been used a lot since then, but it is generally applied to people who are able do the impossible without thinking about reward.

We can only say that the description of what the phrase describes is quite accurate. While cats can be independent, solitary and easily distracted, humans share many of the same traits.

You may have to do tasks that are as hard as herding cats. We do know that Catherders’ Day was created sometime in the past decade. It is basically a cheeky holiday that you can celebrate as you wish.

You will need ten cats and a shepherd‚Äôs crook. You will just have made a futile attempt to herd felines by giving the shepherd’s knife a try. Congratulations! You are now a catherd/catherdess. This is similar to a shepherd, cowherd or goatherd. We have yet to see pastoral scenes with catherds in Geetha Govinda. You’ve done the impossible. Now go out and say thank you to those who do it every day.

You can let everyone who handles impossible tasks every day, from project managers to daycare workers know how much they are appreciated and, frankly speaking, why you admire them. These tasks can only be accomplished if someone is there. Without those who are capable of managing felines metaphorically, the world might not function as well. Last note: On Cat Herders Day, please try to not be a cat.

You’ve decided that you are a catherder or that you would like to make a special day of it to show your appreciation for someone who is. It might feel like telling someone to go out and celebrate this unknown holiday is the same as herding cats, while you search for ideas.

What can you do then?

This is the first thing people should know. Post your favourite cat meme or video and use a hashtag for cat herding on social media. Your post can be used to highlight the amazing work of under-appreciated and overworked people around the world.

You can be creative with your traditions, depending on the person you are celebrating. You can draw a picture with a cat in your window. Most neighbors will copy you. Soon, everyone on your street will be competing to have the best cat picture. As December 15th nears, there will be anticipation.

Although it may not be the most popular holiday, Cat Herders Day is an important one. It doesn’t matter where it came from, the idea to appreciate the hard work of others and how difficult that work can be in some very difficult situations cannot be ignored. A day like Cat Herders Day helps to raise awareness and makes us appreciate others more throughout the year. Enjoy yourself on December 15th, but don’t forget to – feline-in!


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