National Catfish Day

National Catfish Day

Catfish come from many species of fish and have whisker-like barbels at their mouths. Catfish are bottom-feeders in freshwater, although they can be trained and taught to eat from the surface. Many species can also be farmed or fished.

One day would be dedicated to the celebration of these fish with whiskers. Now is the perfect time to celebrate National Catfish Day and to share it with a friend.

Happy National Catfish Day!

National Catfish Day dates back to June 25, 1987, a few decades ago. This was the moment when US President Ronald Reagan opened his presidential address by talking about the culinary delights of catfish and farmed catsfish. This may seem like an odd topic for a presidential address, but it was actually necessary. The American President explained how catfish farming could provide both stable income for catfish growers and affordable, healthy food for Americans.

National Catfish Day is traditionally observed on the anniversary of President Reagan’s speech. You can prepare and eat catfish in the United States. There are also a few catfish festivals held in different cities at different times.

Catfish is a very popular fish in many parts of the world, but it is also highly popular in southern states of the United States as a breaded or fried dish. This popularity indirectly led to the creation and celebration of catfish day.

Celebrate National Catfish Day in many ways by joining in the fun. You can choose from these options or create your own creative ideas.

Catfish can be made at home quite easily. It is easy to cook or fry catfish with simple breading of cornmeal or flour. Catfish does not have to be boring. These are some of the many culinary adventures you can have with this fish.

It might be worth traveling to the south to find the best catfish, as it is where the catfish originates. This southern speciality is more likely to be fresher than the fish and to have better chefs. These southern restaurants are available for National Catfish Day celebrations.

Many American cities host “National Catfish Days” festivals in late July. These events include sporting events, parades and fun runs, beauty pageants, and other family-friendly activities.

Belzoni, Mississippi hosts the “World Catfish Festival”. This area boasts a radius of 65 miles where approximately 60% of America’s farm raised catfish are grown. Since 1975, the catfish festival has been held here every year. This was more than ten years ago before Congress and President Reagan made National Catfish Day an official holiday. So Belzoni was definitely ahead of the curve.

Kingsland in Georgia is another southern town that hosts its annual outdoor festival. It has been going since 1983. Sometimes it happens later in the year. This Catfish Festival offers a variety of activities, including live music, arts, crafts, food vendors and beauty pageants. There is also a 5K fun-run, as well as other entertainment. Catfish Cookoff is undoubtedly one of the most important events.

Wilmington, Illinois is another location that celebrates National Catfish Days. Despite being in the US’ northern regions, the farming community located just southwest of Chicago is known as “Catfish Town”. National Catfish Days dates back to 1976. It was stopped for 15 years and then resumed in 1976. Enjoy live music, a catfish dinner and other local activities.

People don’t know much about the ray-finned fish. For example, their name is derived from the barbels on their faces. These barbels resemble the whiskers of a cat. This nocturnal fish also has some interesting facts:

“Have y’ever seen a catfish?” No. They can bait a hook!


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