National CBD Day

August 8 is National CBD Day. This is a special day to recognise and celebrate the many benefits of CBD – the natural hemp product everyone’s talking about!

Hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) has experienced a huge surge of interest in the health and wellness world over the past few years, with numerous high-profile celebrities like Seth Rogen, Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Rogan and Kim Kardashian West all praising the benefits of the hemp-derived oil.

In general, you’ll find two types of CBD oil on the market:

Full spectrum extract, which produces an oil with CBD and a range of other cannabinoids. Full spectrum CBD oil also contains cannabis terpenes, which are said to give the oil certain anti-inflammatory properties.

The second is CBD isolate, which only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids or terpenes.

CBD is non psychoactive and contains little or no levels of THC. The legal THC limit for CBD products is 0.3%.

With a wide variety of CBD products now easily accessible online and on the high street, CBD continues to be shoppers’ #1 choice for holistic alternatives for things like pain relief, anxiety, depression, heart, muscle health and much more.

CBD is now available in a variety of forms, including oil drops, skin creams, muscle rubs, e-liquids, drinks and a variety of edibles, making this holistic alternative widely accessible for all.

Enjoy the natural relief and recovery of CBD and join everyone on #NationalCBDDay


Aug 08 2024


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