National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

National Celiac Disease Awareness Day

Gluten is a staple in the lives of many people who love grains, light breads, cereals, pastries and other grain-based foods. This is true for most people around the globe, as bread has always been a key ingredient in many cultures’ diets. National Celiac Disease Awareness Day was established to bring awareness to the many people suffering from the condition.

The United States Senate created National Celiac Disease Awareness Day to increase awareness. His birthday is the National Celiac Disease Awareness Day’s annual celebration in honor of him and all the lives he helped improve through education and awareness about the disease.

Celiac disease is a condition that affects the lower intestine. It can be caused by genetic predisposition. Celiac disease occurs when gluten is consumed, which is a protein that is found in primarily wheat, barley, and rye. This disease is most common in children aged 6 months to 2 years. It can often cause severe problems due to poor nutrition absorption, which can often lead to anemia. Celiac disease is treatable with a gluten-free diet for life.

It is important to learn how to make gluten-free food in order to celebrate National Celiac Disease Awareness Day. One in 100 people suffer from this condition. It’s possible that your family members or friends would be grateful to have someone who is able to understand their needs. Celiac sufferers love to be able to enjoy a special meal without reservations. National Celiac Disease Awareness Day allows you to find out more about the lives and experiences of Celiac patients.


Sep 13 2024


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