National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

National Cell Phone Courtesy Month

It’s a common situation to be subjected while in public. Some people forget how to behave when they speak on their cell phones. These tips will help you to celebrate National Cell Phone Courtesy month.

Don’t constantly check your phone for emails and texts while you are in meetings. Focus on the people around you.

When in a courtroom or theatre or other place of worship, set your phone to vibrate or silent.

Do not embarrass your self. If you have to make a call that is likely to become intense and emotionally charged, keep it to yourself. Your relationship problems are not something that the rest of the world needs to hear about.

Last, make sure to check your volume control. It is easy to shout into your phone and start screaming. Your good manners and avoiding “cell yelling” will be appreciated by everyone in your immediate vicinity.


Jul 01 - 31 2024


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