National Cellophane Tape Day

National Cellophane Tape Day

It is clear and shiny, and seals in some the most precious treasures the world has ever known. It’s kind of. It has been used to seal letters, wrap presents, attach things to homework assignments, and put up notes. Its companion is the stapler. Teachers and office workers alike have it on their desks. And it has a scientific property that seems to be purely magical. Cellophane tape is often called “Scotch Tape” because of its famous brand. Cellulose Tape Day celebrates this incredible adhesive tape!

Cellophane tape was created in 1930 to seal a new substance called cellophane. Cellophane, a type of special plastic product, is what you need to know. We knew it! That crinkly crackly substance is what’s used to make candy bags (especially the ones that come in boxes), crackers, and other food substances. Yep! It’s cellophane but not plastic. It’s made of processed cellulose and is just as good as paper.

Richard Drew developed the first cellophane tape. It was known as “Scotch” and bears a distinctive trademark that features a red, green, and black tartan pattern. Scotch was a term that came from a body painter while testing the tape. He said in frustration, “Take this tape back Scotch bosses!” Scotch was a slang term meaning “stingy”. It was the first cellophane tape (and many still consider it the best), but there are hundreds of other brands available today.

Cellophane tape has many uses, some of which are not only endless but also have unique properties that most people don’t know about. It was discovered that cellophane tape can emit x-rays if it is placed in a vacuum and then ripped. Further research showed that the x-ray emission was sufficient to create a photo of a finger on paper. Cellophane tape has many surprises. Whether you’re using it to seal an important document or to tape up someone’s eyebrows, National Cellophane Tape Day offers the chance to create something unique and creative with this incredible adhesive.


May 27 2024


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