National Cereal Day

National Cereal Day

What is your best way to start your day? You are likely to be like nearly half of Americans and enjoy a bowl of cereal for breakfast. National Cereal Day was established to highlight this breakfast staple. Are you familiar with the history of cereal? Or do you think it was the sweet version that you find in supermarket aisles?

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of each day. For cereal lovers, it can also be the best. There are many varieties of cereal today. There are many varieties of cereal, including the chocolate and healthy ones, as well as the colorful. There’s bound to be something to please your palate. Add the milk to the top and you are good to go. Some people like cereal out of the carton. It doesn’t matter what cereal you like, you should start your day with a bowl full of cereal on National Cereal Day.

Cereal can also bring back childhood memories. Many cereal companies used small toys as part of their boxes. Perhaps you remember eating as much cereal you could to get a new box and a new toy. You may also recall the thrill of pouring out the cereal to find the toy in your bowl, rather than your brothers or sisters.

Cereal was first developed in 1800 as a hard to digest and unappetizing health food. It was made of small pieces of bran and was believed to regulate a diet that was heavily meat-based. The majority of Americans at the time ate pork and beef. People who wanted to improve society at the time thought they could change their diets to bring about social and spiritual change.

To help his patients at his sanitarium, Dr. James Caleb created bran nuggets. A sanitarium was a place people could go to to heal from injury or illness, or for restorative spa treatments. The sanitarium also had a spiritual aspect. Dr. Caleb hosted prominent people, including the founder of the Seventh Day Adventist religion.

John Kellogg was interested in healthy foods for his patients. With his brothers, he created granola as well as many other non-meaty breakfast foods. They discovered a way to make wheat flake, instead of a nugget. Corn flakes were created!

Cereal wouldn’t take the sweet taste we know today until 1939. This sweet creation was named Ranger Joe Popped Wheat Honnie, and was targeted at children. The rest, as they say, is history. Cereal has been using the TV and radio ads to appeal to children from that point forward.

You may be wondering how to celebrate National Cereal Day. Enjoy your cereal! Maybe you skipped breakfast because of the rush to get the day started. You can take a little longer to get back in the habit of having breakfast every morning. There are many healthy options for granola, or you can treat your child with a favorite recipe from your childhood. You will be amazed at the variety of choices available in supermarkets’ breakfast aisles.

You can also celebrate by finding something new to do with your breakfast cereal. You might try it cold instead. You could even make a cereal treat! You’ve all heard about the puffed rice treats. But you can make a treat using any kind of cereal or marshmallow. You will be amazed at the number of breakfast cereal recipes available if you spend a little time playing with your favorite search engine. Enjoy trying new things to celebrate National Cereal Day. Share your creations on social media to let others know about them.

Try something new, or simply enjoy a cereal you’ve never tried before. There are many varieties and types of cereal today. You’ll find many amazing creations in the cereal aisle. This is the right time! It’s possible to think that one type of cereal isn’t right for you. But why not give it another chance in celebration of National Cereal Day!

National Cereal Day can be enjoyed by eating this meal at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We wouldn’t recommend eating the same meal every day as it doesn’t make for a healthy diet. You can still enjoy cereal on one day.

This invention has been a staple of our lives for many years. You can spend your time learning about it! Did you know that cereal is named after Ceres? Ceres was the Roman goddess for harvest and agriculture. In 1909, cereal came with more than a plastic toy. You would receive the Funny Jungleland Moving Pictures Book if you bought two Corn Flakes. We love the fact that cereal has been on the moon! It may not be surprising that cereal was on the first moon landing. Kellogg’s Corn Flakes were eaten by astronauts on Apollo 11. It is certainly good enough to be enjoyed by them, so it must be good enough for us.


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